i can't get out of my box

Artist Song
jets to brazil  sweet avenue 
alsace lorraine  the girl from roanoke 
deathray  10:15 
whiskeytown  under you breath 
magnetic fields  when you're old and lonely 
bjork  sun in my mouth 
get up kids  fall semester 
radiohead  stop whispering 
mineral  take the picture now 
element 101  20 years in the making 
silver sun  i'll see you around 
mountain goats  no children 
iron and wine  upward over the mountain 
rilo kiley  pictures of success 
wallflowers  one headlight 
sparklehorse  cow 
of montreal  montreal 
crooked fingers  when you were mine 
promise ring  nothing feels good 
jeremy enigk  fallen heart 


maybe one day i won't be as conceited. thanks to nick isom for tracks 4, 18, and 13.
image for mix


Meghan Lounsbury1
Date: 6/23/2003
Very nice