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ITs IT (or an account of the most musical of all pronouns, wrIT large)

Artist Song
run dmc  IT's tricky 
infectious grooves  punk IT up 
james brown  make IT funky 
the donnas  take IT off 
salt-n-pepa  push IT 
devo  whip IT 
michael jackson  beat IT 
the rev. horton heat  do IT 
missy eliot  work IT 
james brown  give IT up or turnIT loose 
beastie boys  she's on IT 
brian jonestown massacre  take IT from the man 
akinyele  put IT in your mouth 
dwight yoakam  IT only makes me want you more 
power station  some like IT hot 
kc and the sunshine band  that's the way i like IT 
james brown  IT's too funky in here 
milli vanilli  blame IT on the rain 
marx brothers  i'm against IT 
james brown  doing IT to death 
faITh no more  IT's IT (aka epic) 


Just what is IT about IT that is so important? Is IT about sex? Is IT about your private parts? IT must be an intrinsic part of us, though exactly which part is still a mystery. Though when you think about IT, IT sure does get around. I wonder if IT takes on different meanings when mentioned in mixed company? IT must be very durable and/or desirable because everybody, from all walks of life seem to want to whip IT, beat IT, punk IT up, do IT, work IT, take IT from him, give IT to her, and so on. I guess IT means as many different things to as many different kinds of people as you or I can ever imagine. I'm sure IT even means things to certain singers and wrITers that you and I have never thought of. But I am also willing to bet that James Brown has single-handedly figured out more meanings and uses for IT than any other person in all of music.

James seems to have a very special working familiarITy with IT. He has made IT funky, sometimes to the point of IT being too funky for most other people to endure indoors. He has personally expressed a strong individual and cultural affinITy for IT and has said IT out loud for all to hear. ExhibITing the extent of his own generosITy, James has expressed a willingness to give IT up or turnIT loose if need be. And no one can ever deny the erudITion which enables James to know exactly when to tell the people IT has gotten too bad and when IT needs to be done to death.

All this being said, we can't entirely blame (or credIT) IT's importance on James Brown alone. Though James tells us of a Man's, Man's Man's World he also admITs that IT also doesn't mean nothing wIThout a woman or a girl. IT is bigger than James or any one of us. IT has been around as long as we've had the ambITion to use music to give form to those indelible, yet otherwise incalculable feelings that for better and for worse forms the invisible social fabric which stITches us all together....from the hunger gnawing in the pIT of the underclass' stomachs to the insatiable acquisITive hunger of a glorified group of capITalists' morally bankrupt but physically and monetarily gorged to the point of obscene obesITy, from the creative fire that is said to ignITe the artists' soul to the tipping point of injustice that incITes the crowds gathering in the streets to riot and rebel, from the forbidden forms of sexualITy we used to only fantasize about locked up alone in our bedrooms now systematically sold to us as downloadable internet commodITies. Thankfully, IT in addITion to being one of the most popular pronouns in popular music is also one of ITs most popular subjects and the heady palpITatITions of lovers hearts' everywhere will always have something to beat in time to.

In short all the feelings we otherwise could not express, formulate, or begin to know even on our own terms in any other way other than to point to them and say "this is IT." is what IT is all about. IT is "as you like IT," both everything and nothing at the same time, a limITless nonentITy, an indubITably musical breath lasting for all eternITy...


Date: 6/23/2003
though i do not enjoy every tune on IT, this is looking pretty impressive.
Mo Twang!
Date: 6/23/2003
It's a nice mix.
Date: 6/23/2003
Fun concept. Tracks 3 thru 10 are the advice section.
Date: 6/23/2003
Ah f*ck IT