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Gettin prekey wit it

Artist Song
Destiny's Child  Bills Bills Bills 
Bloodhound Gang  I wish I was Queer so I could get chicks  
Bloodhound Gang  Lift your head up high and blow your brains out 
Bloodhound Gang  Shut up  
Bloodhound Gang  Your Pretty when I'm Drunk 
Dennis Leary  Asshole song 
Eiffel65  Move your body 
Eiffel65  Too much of heavon 
Elliot Smith  Between the bars two 
Queen  Get down make love  
Nintendo  Super Mario techno 
Pink Floyd  Comfortably numb  
TaiMaiShu  Freestyle 
Tenatious D  Yuo F*cker 
Tenatious D  Bouie 
Tenatious D  Sex supreme