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The Origin of the Grunge

Artist Song
Groundhogs  Strange Town 
Green River  Rehab Doll 
Mother Love Bone  Zanzibar 
Mudhoney  Take Me There 
Melvins  Teet 
Meat Puppets  Aurora Borealis 
Screaming Trees  More Or Less 
Melvana  Sacrivana 
Flipper  Earthworm 
L7  Cool Out 
Babes in Toyland  All by myself 
Sonic Youth  Kool Thing 
Nirvana  Sifting 
Temple Of The Dog  Say Hello To Heaven 
Soundgarden  Flower 
Hole  Johnnie's in the Bathroom 


My friend told me she really liked the grunge mix I made her (in actuality it was a modern alternative rock mix, a la Live, Bush, Pearl jam, etc). So, I proceeded to school her in the ways of grunge-rock. The Groundhogs, musically doesnt exactly fit, The Groundhogs were the first to have the grunge tag applied them by none other than Lester Bangs...


Date: 6/30/2003
I've always thought that Die Kreuzen was the first grunge band, but never got the credit they deserved.
Date: 6/30/2003
i like this a lot, i wish you woulda made a little room for pixies on here though! dinosaur jr. too! but overall this is a wonderful mix, I'm sure you're friend will love it
altitude gremlin123
Date: 7/1/2003
YESSSS!!!!!! hell yeah! love the early seattle-grunge scene. you even included green river (essential) flipper and melvana. you know your shit! check out the deep six compilation if you can get it. it's awesome- if you like this, you'll love that!
Date: 10/25/2003
bad babes in toland pick..
It would be better with a grunger song of them.