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like two sides of a tape

Side A
Artist Song
Side B
Oasis  Angel Child (Demo Version) 
Portishead  Glory Times (Airbus Reconstruction) 
Radiohead  A Wolf At The Door 
Muse  Plug In Baby 
Weezer  Say It Ain't So 
Bright Eyes  Waste Of Paint 
Travis  Falling Down 


couldn't leave the tape unfinished... did side two today. nice contrast in my eyes. won't give it to her, i'm still confused about what she said. won't keep it for my self neither, i have someone else to give it to. thank you abigail dice, dru and daniel wise for your comments on side one, i really appreciated that.
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Date: 7/2/2003
my fav song off hail to the thief, a beautiful portishead choice, and you can never go wrong with bright eyes. beauty.
Date: 7/4/2003
Great Weezer song- maybe even my favourite. Man, I gotta get Hail to the Thief sometime soon. Nice way to finish it all off. Out.
Date: 7/4/2003
1 more thing: see, you've just had a wicked opportunity- 1 of those little cosmic mistakes that just happens when things line up right. You actually made the 1st half of a mix when all was well, + then finished it KNOWING that everything had changed. How often does that happen? You SHOULD keep this. If you're ever up for it, give it to her, but you better be over her when you do. To do that is to give her the chance to bruise over + over whatever she broke in the 1st place. Take care. Out.