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somethings can never be explained,why the sky still looks the same.

Artist Song
Unwritten law  rest of my life 
The get up kids  central standard time 
ben folds five   magic(acoustic) 
the used  noise and kisses 
AFI  the leaving song 
gary jules  under the milky way tonight 
foofighters  times like these 
good charlotte  seasons (acoustic) 
lifehouse  everything 
modest mouse  paper thin walls 
something corporate  i kissed a drunk girl 
stereo fuse  everything 
tegan and sara  living room 
the ataris  giving up on love 
lifehouse  where i wanna be 
phantom planet  california 
the dead milkmen  punkrock girl 
nicklowe   cruel to be kind 
our lady peace   4am 


This was made for my best friend chris...I love him so much and we are rarely separated...I'm going on vacation...and he's going through this depression mode and doesnt want me to leave him here alone...I dont know what to do.
Chris boo I love you!


Date: 7/6/2003
yes, yes, yes. this is sooo good.
Date: 7/12/2003
my only question is why isn't the Juliana theory song "Constellation" that your title is from on here?
Date: 7/14/2003
it was kind of a hidden track type thing...because its one of my faves...I dont know why I forgot to put it on here.