traded my bow for a new year's kiss

Artist Song
city of caterpillar  when was the last time we painted over the blood on the walls 
american nightmare  i saved latin 
american nightmare  your arsonist 
the blood brothers  doctor! doctor! 
husker du  the biggest lie 
the smiths  i want the one i can't have 
cursive  shallow means, deep ends 
commander venus  we'll always have paris 
bright eyes  the calendar hung itself 
belle and sebastian  the wrong girl 
nick drake  clothes of sand 
clem snide  loneliness finds her own way 
blonde redhead  missile 
blonde redhead  hated because of great qualities 
the 6ths  falling out of love with you 


self explanatory. the title comes from "i saved latin".
image for mix


Date: 9/1/2003
i love it when the blood brothers and the smiths are both on a mix. it's like awesome squared. the picture is very cute and sad.