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Time Will Work This Out

Side A
Artist Song
Sheryl Crow  Sad, Sad World 
Costello & Nieve  All This Useless Beauty (Live) 
Rasputina  Mr. E. Leon Rauis  
Pat MacDonald  Drive Me Around  
Sarah McLachlan  Fear  
Peter Himmelman  Always In Disguise (Live) 
Maia Sharp  Parting Request  
Jim White  Stabbed In The Heart  
Mazzy Star  Look on Down From the Bridge  
Minus 5 (w/ Robert Pollard)  Boeing Spacearium 
Yo La Tengo  Return to Hot Chicken  
Side B
black tape for a blue girl  The Broken Glass  
Ellis Paul  Last Call  
Jewel  Foolish Games (Live) 
Smog  Spread Your Bloody Wings  
Jonatha Brooke & the Story  Charming  
Crash Test Dummies  Superman's Song (Live)  
Sarah McLachlan  I Love You  
Mark Eitzel  Lower Eastside Tourist  
Joan Osborne  What You Gonna Do  
Miles Davis  Blue In Green  


from this looks of this tape it had to have been made mid-late '97. just found it laying around. i have always liked this one...i know it's not too depressing, it just isn't very peppy either....