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CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Theme - Depression

double bloody mary

Artist Song
belle and sebastian  dirty dream #2 
the white stripes  pretty good looking 
the cars  just what i needed 
sleater-kinney  joey ramone 
pixies  i've been tired 
weezer  keep fishin' 
breeders w/ j. mascis  do you love me now jr 
old 97s  big brown eyes 
cibo matto  sci fi wasabi 
boss hog  jaguar 
sebadoh   not too amused 
le tigre  deceptacon 
jeff mangum  my dream girl don't exist 
lifter puller  sangre de stephanie 
all-time quarterback  why i cry 
pedro the lion  bad diary days 
all girl summer fun band  later, operator 
death cab for cutie   movie script ending 


summer 2002. ack. my mixes are starting to have a lot of repeats, but that jeff mangum is just so good... same w/ the all-girl summer fun band and lifter puller. I'm trying to mix it up though. patience.