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it's just like cloning...only different

Side A
Artist Song
** disc **  ** one ** 
the 6ths  human [human league] 
10,000 maniacs  peace train [cat stevens] 
apoptygma berzerk  fade to black [metallica] 
the sunshine fix  a day in the life [the beatles] 
bettie serveert  take me away from here [belle & sebastian] 
velocity girl  your silent face [new order] 
my bloody valentine  we have all the time in the world [loius armstrong] 
the dismemberment plan  close to me [the cure] 
the lemonheads  luka [suzanne vega] 
type o negative  summer breeze [seals & croft] 
the flaming lips  knives out [radiohead] 
smashing pumpkins  landslide [fleetwood mac] 
electric hellfire club  devil inside [inxs] 
rorschach test  sex [berlin] 
fountains of wayne  baby one more time [britney spears] 
faith no more  easy [the commodores] 
mike ness  don't think twice [bob dylan] 
guster  down in it [nine inch nails] 
deftones  no ordinary love [sade] 
Side B
** disc **  ** two *** 
assemblage 23  i ran [flock of seagulls] 
the sugarcubes  top of the world [the carpenters] 
teenage fanclub  here comes your man [the pixies] 
the cure  love will tear us apart [joy division] 
pavement  the killing moon [echo & the bunnymen] 
jason falkner  photograph [def leppard] 
afghan whigs  creep [tlc] 
ghoti hook  just what i needed [the cars] 
the cult  born to be wild [steppenwolf] 
catherine wheel  wish you were here [pink floyd] 
mazzy star  five string serenade [love] 
cat power  i found a reason [velvet underground] 
siouxsie and the banshees  helter skelter [the beatles] 
tori amos  time [tom waits] 
shudder to think  so into you [atlanta rhythm section] 
voltaire  caught a light sneeze [tori amos] 
pet shop boys  always on my mind [elvis presley] 
deathcab for cutie  this charming man [the smiths] 
ben folds  careless whisper [wham!] 
joan jett  crimson and clover [tommy james & the shondells] 


two discs of redone goodness. plenty to thank for various contributions here. amber, russ, court, jason, scott, and if i forgot you...sorry :)

edit: and Ion!


popkulcher (Marc Fagel)
Date: 7/8/2003
Very nice. Where are the Sunshine Fix, Bettie Serveert, Sugarcubes, and Cure tunes from? All look like inspired covers, but I haven't seen any of them before.
Date: 7/8/2003
This rocks, Zach. I must find that Ben Folds song.
Katie Red
Date: 7/9/2003
i like...nice..i like the ghoti hook track. i haven't heard a lot of the rest of these, but i'm definitely going to look for them. this looks awesome
Date: 7/9/2003
Nice! You certainly got it covered. I'm only familiar without about half of these.
Date: 7/9/2003
ion! i forgot to thank you! bad munkee!
Date: 7/10/2003

Pet Shop Boys covering "Always On My Mind"?

I cannot WAIT to hear this.
abigail dice1
Date: 7/11/2003
um, can I have this? PLEASE?!! good god, I can only imagine Guster covering NIN...oi, oi.
Date: 7/12/2003
excellent mix. Some really great covers on both cds.
Date: 7/13/2003
woo hoo! i got it. and i love, love, love it!! faves are as follows: DISC ONE: fountains of wayne- baby one more time [britney spears] DISC TWO: pavement- the killing moon [echo & the bunnymen]
Brave Little Toaster
Date: 7/20/2003
i've seen an assload of cover mixes, but this blows them all out of the water. also, i realize i am about a month late on the mix trade. i'm burning 2 cd's for you as i type this. they're going out tomorrow. please forgive me! i've been working 70 hours plus a week lately at work, so i've been absent from all things mix lately. by the way, "lacking the vernacular" is great. it's been getting me through some of those long hours...later...