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CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre

Falling Through Love

Artist Song
Mighty Mighty Bosstones  Someday I Suppose 
The Ataris  That Special Girl 
Temptations  Can't Get Next To You 
Millencolin  Fingers Crossed 
All  Think The World 
Brooks and Dunn  Brand New Man 
Weezer  Keep Fishin' 
Juliana Theory  Do You Believe Me? 
Dasboard Confessional  Saints And Sailors 
Mad Caddies  Days Away 
Mandy Moore  Candy 
Whippersnapper  Two Of A Kind 
Reel Big Fish  Beer 
Flogging Molly  The Worst Day Since Yesterday 
River City High  Just Wonderin' 
Death By Stereo  Getting It Off My Chest 
Good Riddance  Enter The Unapproachables 
The Pietasters  Yesterday's Over 
Catch 22  Kristina She Don't Know I Exist 
Boy Sets Fire  Handful Of Redemption 


This mix is the story of a boy in love and the subsequent fall. Each song is another line in the story. 1)He misses an old flame, but doesn't let it get him down. 2)He meets a new girl, but she has a boyfriend. 3)He wants to tell her how he feels. 4)The boyfriend tells him they broke up. 5)He thinks she is the only star in the sky. 6)She says "I love you" to him. 7)He says the same. 8)She now says she only meant it as a friend. 9)He tries to find out exactly what she meant. 10)He starts to think everything was a mistake. 11)Memories of the old flame come back. 12)His friends try to snap him out of it. 13)He gets drunk trying to forget the girl. 14)He wakes up with a killer hangover. 15)He goes to a party, knowing the girl will be there and tries to make things right again. 16)He's angry over how the relationship didn't work out. 17)He's now angry at her for it not working out. 18)He realizes that the past is set and nothing can be taken back now. 19)A friend reminds him of a girl who he treated the same way this girl has treated him, so he shouldn't be upset. 20)He finds his redemption in the situation and moves on to a new girl.