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I Want You Completely

Artist Song
The Rolling Stones  Paint It Black 
The Cooper Temple Clause  Film-Maker 
Finch  What It Is To Burn 
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club  Love Burns 
Biffy Clyro  Solution Devices 
Turn  Beretta 
The Cure  Let's Go To Bed 
Rooney  Stay Away 
Cat Power  He War 
Bright Eyes  The City Has Sex 
Dido  Take My Hand 
Muse  Sunburn 
Kinesis  Black Holes 
Idlewild  Faster 
Desaparecidos  Man & Wife, The Former 
Split Enz  I Got You 
Jimi Hendrix  Little Wing 
Fleetwood Mac  The Chain 
Hell Is For Heroes  Slow Song 
Al Stewart  A Small Fruit Song 
The Smiths  Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want 
Bob Dylan  I Want You 


The simplest part of a relationship is just knowing that you 'want' someone, regardless. Not exactly a romantic mix, but it was the most fitting category. I'm not sure the physical part of the relationship qualifies as romance, but I think there is definitely a hint of passion in this mix. Gem x


Date: 7/14/2003
love the stones track; good choices with brmc, muse and desaparecidos; bright eyes and smiths can never be wrong. this looks nice!