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Perpetual Widowers' Cotillion (for Amie)

Artist Song
Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band  Fallin' Ditch 
Golden Shoulders  Do You Know Who You Are 
the Band  Rag Mama Rag 
the Hidden Cameras  Ban Marriage 
Manitoba  Skunks 
Mercury Rev  Sudden Ray of Hope 
Captain Beyond  Sufficiently Breathless 
Beat Happening  Noise 
Lifter Puller  Back in Blackbeard 
Dusty Springfield  Don't Forget About Me 
Groove Armada  At the River (English Riviera mix) 
Buzzcocks  Everybody's Happy Nowadays 
Spoon  Staring at the Board 
Broken Social Scene  Lover's Spit 
Belle and Sebastian  You Made Me Forget My Dreams 
the Flaming Lips  Turn It On 
the Huntingtons  We Got the Beat 
the Beatles  Long Tall Sally 
Gossip  Lesson Learned 
Silage  Yo Tengo 
Brix Smith  Orangina 
Here Comes... El Son  Hey Jude 
the Furniture Shack Fugitives  Why Go Anywhere Else? [commercial] 


dance if you must, but don't show so many teeth. that's what i told the class as they filed out. i snipped the silence out of the fore and aft of the tracks for maximum effect. not distracting. cohesive, except with the 14 15 detour, but the jump from B & S to t F L will hopefully erase problematic short-term memory.the picture shown is just so more people will look at the mix. the actual art involves bar codes and photos of Nanjing.
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Summer Anne Burton
Date: 7/13/2003
This looks great Brad. I've always loved your mixes. There's a lot more than usual on this one that I haven't heard, but I consider it's placement on a mix of yours a reason to check it out.

( p.s. I love Dusty Springfield with a love that will never die )
Date: 7/13/2003
a special shout out for captain b, b&s, and the lips. Nice work, my friend.
Mr. Jeremy Meece
Date: 7/14/2003
Date: 7/15/2003
que variety! nice touch with the dusty and the brix. 2 thumbs up. way up!