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Vans Warped Tour 2012

Artist Song
After the Burial  Fingers Like Daggers  
After the Burial  Berzerker  
After the Burial  Encased In Ice  
After the Burial  Cursing Akhenaten  
After the Burial  Aspiration  
blessthefall  2.0  
blessthefall  I'm Bad News, in the Best Way  
blessthefall  What's Left of Me  
blessthefall  Hey Baby, Here's That Song You Wanted  
blessthefall  Bottomfeeder  
blessthefall  The Reign  
blessthefall  Promised Ones  
Born of Osiris  Follow the Signs  
Born of Osiris  Ascension  
Born of Osiris  Open Arms to Damnation  
Born of Osiris  Empires Erased  
Born of Osiris  Abstract Art  
Born of Osiris  Bow Down  
Born of Osiris  Recreate  
Every Time I Die  Underwater Bimbos from Outterspace  
Every Time I Die  Holy Book of Dilemma  
Every Time I Die  Floater  
Every Time I Die  No Son of Mine  
Every Time I Die  Kill the Music  
Every Time I Die  Bored Stiff  
Every Time I Die  We'rewolf  
Every Time I Die  I Suck (Blood)  
Every Time I Die  Ebolarama  
Every Time I Die  She's My Rushmore  
Falling In Reverse  I'm Not a Vampire  
Falling In Reverse  Sink or Swim  
Falling In Reverse  Raised By Wolves  
Falling In Reverse  Tragic Magic  
Falling In Reverse  Good Girls Bad Guys  
Falling In Reverse  Goodbye Graceful  
Falling In Reverse  The Drug In Me Is You  
Mayday Parade  Oh Well, Oh Well  
Mayday Parade  Jersey  
Mayday Parade  Kids In Love  
Mayday Parade  No Heroes Allowed  
Mayday Parade  When You See My Friends  
Mayday Parade  Black Cat  
Mayday Parade  Jamie All Over  
Miss May I  Relentless Chaos  
Miss May I  Day By Day  
Miss May I  Forgive and Forget  
Miss May I  Our Kings  
Miss May I  Hey Mister  
Miss May I  Ballad of a Broken Man  
Miss May I  Masses of a Dying Breed  
Of Mice & Men  Ohioisonfire  
Of Mice & Men  O.G. Loko  
Of Mice & Men  The Depths  
Of Mice & Men  Second & Sebring  
Pierce The Veil  Besitos  
Pierce The Veil  The Boy Who Could Fly  
Pierce The Veil  King for a Day (feat. Kellin Quinn)  
Pierce The Veil  Bulletproof Love  
Pierce The Veil  Yeah Boy and Doll Face  
Sleeping With Sirens  Do It Now Remember It Later  
Sleeping With Sirens  Tally It Up, Settle the Score  
Sleeping With Sirens  A Trophy Fathers Trophy Son  
Sleeping With Sirens  With Ears to See, and Eyes to Hear  
Sleeping With Sirens  If You Can't Hang  
Sleeping With Sirens  If I'm James Dean, You're Audrey Hepburn  


These are all the songs that were played at the 2012 Vans Warped Tour. There is more to be added soon. Keep checking out the playlist. Thank you!