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A Nervous Smile in Hopes That You Will Find In In Your Heart to Forgive Me

Artist Song
Dismemberment Plan  What Do You Want Me To Say? 
Apples in Stereo  Please 
Weezer  Getchoo 
Built to Spill  You Were Right 
Bright Eyes  A Scale, A Mirror, and Those Indifferent Clocks 
Oasis  Don't Look Back in Anger 
Pavement  Loretta's Scars 
Interpol  PDA 
Coldplay  In My Place 
Modest Mouse  Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset 
Foo Fighters  Walking After You 
Wilco  I Am Trying to Break Your Heart 
Alkaline Trio  Sorry About That 
Starsailor  Good Souls 
Dashboard Confessional  Again I Go Unnoticed 
Nirvana  All Apologies 
Stabbing Westward  What Do I Have To Do 
Spiritualized  Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space 


A collection of songs that beg for forgiveness. I really like the ordering on this one, with poppy, more upbeat songs at the beginning, then it mellows out, followed by a few mournful tunes, takes a harder turn, then ends with the beautiful Spiritualized. Hopefully I won't ever have someone so mad at me that I'll have to give them this. Willing to trade, IM me.


Date: 7/20/2003
Oh, I love this. I'll definitely trade if you want to.
Date: 7/20/2003
great mix - everything fits right
Feat Fan
Date: 7/20/2003