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CD | Mixed Genre
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A Bicycle and a Bicycle Ride

Artist Song
Queen  Bicycle Race 
The Lucksmiths  T-shirt Weather 
Built to Spill  Sidewalk 
Mercury Rev  Goddess on a Hiway 
Badly Drawn Boy  Once Around the Block 
Beatles   Good Day Sunshine 
Third Eye Blind  Burning Man 
Clem Snide  I Love the Unknown 
Of Montreal  Jennifer Louise 
Little Champions  Beverly 
The Magnetic Fields  When My Boy Walks Down the Street 
Belle & Sebastian  There's Too Much Love 
The Promise Ring  Happiness is All the Rage 
The Magnetic Fields  Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side 


a mix for my new bicycle and the first ride I took on it!
track 1 - The feelings I had when I first bought my bicycle
track 2 - Outside it was sweet, and it felt like the first day of spring all over again on my new bike.
track 3 - I rode along the sidewalk for a while, and even saw some of my own chalk drawings.
track 4 - I felt like a Goddess on a Highway.
track 5 - I rode around several times and visited people while I was riding.
track 6 - After I met people I knew I just started waving at whoever I could see.
track 7 - The song for when I drive recklessly and almost get hit by cars.
track 8 - Investigating the neighborhood I don't remember.
track 9 - Pondering not much while I was riding my bicycle. Usually my thoughts follow this song exactly anyway.
track 10 - The light went throught the trees and it started to sprinkle a little and I rode through puddles.
track 11 - As I was coming back, people that already saw me remembered and waved before I even started to! They remembered me.
track 12 - LOVE FOR MY BICYCLE! That was when I ran through the REALLY big puddle.
track 13 - When the fireworks went off as I was putting my bike away.
track 14 - post-ride bliss.

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patrik strĂ·m
Date: 7/21/2003
nice touch with "goddess on a hiway"!
Date: 7/21/2003
The mix is good, and the story of your bike is even better.
Date: 7/22/2003
i love "once around the block". nice tie-in.