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The Gibbous Moon: A Space Opera in Three Acts with Intermissions

Artist Song
Gil Scott-Heron  Whitey On The Moon 
Jamiroquai  Space Cowboy 
The Jimi Hendrix Experiment  Third Stone From The Sun 
Paul McCartney  Vanilla Sky (Live) 
Carter Burwell  Future Vessel 
Bjork  An Echo, A Stain 
Alexander Spence  War In Peace 
Neil Young  Here We Are In The Years 
Bob Dylan  Shooting Star 
Talking Heads  Drugs 
Coldplay  Politik 
Al Stewart  Once An Orange, Always An Orange 
Nick Drake  Things Behind The Sun 
Air feat/ Gordon Tracks  Playground Love 
The Doors  Crystal Ship 
Beck  Lost Cause 
The Herbaliser  Sensual Woman 
The Byrds  Space Odyssey 
The Soundtrack Of Our Lives  Broken Imaginary Time 


For the bi-weekly mix tape club (see Gonzo and HaleyJane for other entries in this club). The theme for this round was space. That meant songs with space references in the title, mentions of space int he song, on a general spacy feel. After I put the mix together, I realized that it reminded me of one of those Ray Bradbury short stories about space, so I added an insert explaining the "story" of these songs. I couldn't upload the insert but it was all text. The intro read:

The Gibbous Moon: A Space Opera in Three Acts with Intermissions - In which our hero, a space-age weatherman, leaves the despair of his home planet to discover the atmosphere of space and find love in the outer reaches of intergalactica.
Track 1 was:
Prologue - Take off - 1:28
Tracks 2-4 were:
Act One - The Forecast - 15:43
Rack 5 was:
Instrumental Interlude One - A Message From Home - 3:41
Tracks 6-11 were:
Act Two - The Earthshine From Translunar Space - 25:08
Track 12 was:
Instrumental Interlude Two - A New Face - 4:18
Tracks 13-18 were:
Act Three - Apocynthion Love - 19:22
And Track 19 was:
Epilogue - Floating - 5:14