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To My MADman

Artist Song
Badfinger  No Matter What 
The Kinks  You Really Got Me 
Queen  Youre My Best Friend 
Sublime  Caress me Down 
The Cramps  Love Me 
Jimi Eat World  For me this is heaven 
Weezer  Only in Dreams 
Wilco  My Darling 
Nick Drake  Northern Sky 
Bright Eyes  No Lies just love 
I could die for you  Red Hot Chili Peppers 
Always on my mind  Phantom Planet 
Climbing up the walls  Radiohead 
Everlong(acoustic)  Foo Fighters 


This is the first mix i have posted, and i know its not perfect...but it fits perfectly for my love: my m.a.d man!


abigail dice1
Date: 9/27/2003
nice mix! and welcome to artofthemix. :) thanks for the comment on my last mix tape. I just used that Jimmy Eat World song on a tape yesterday! cheers.