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Wednesday 18/06/03

Side A
Artist Song
Sunny Day Real Estate 
Jimmy Eat World  Untitled 
Crowded House/Incubus  Don't dream it's over/The Warmth 
Jetplane Landing  What the argument has solved 
Jarcrew  Capobaby 
Smashing Pumpkins  Blissed & gone 
Millencolin  Hellman 
Sonic Youth  Wish Fulfillment 
Sigur Ros  Track 8 
Red Hot cHili Peppers  Pea 
Queens of the stone age  Hispanic Impressions 
EXTREME(!)  Suzi 
Side B
Jimmy Eat World  Clarity 
Jimmy Eat World  Episode IV 
Smashing Pumpkins  Blank PAge 
Zwan  Yeah! 
Tsianina  See Saw Me 
Sunset Yellow  The A-Team VS The Doors 
Sonic Youth  Providence 
Queens of the stone age  Can't quit me baby 
Smashing Pumpkins  Aeroplane flies high 
me  me playing with guitar effects through a keyboard, theme : things that sound like space invaders  


This tape was made for a dude I don't speak to a lot anymore.
The third song on the first half was Incubus, but I knew he wouldn't like it. I still left it on but now, I would probably have put crowded house on instead.
The addition of Extreme was a total joke. I got my girlfriend to lend me a copy of her mom and dad's album.
Tsianina and sunset yellow are friends of mine. The latter is a juxtaposition of the A-team theme song linked to that Doors song, 'break on thru to the otherside'. They can't play for shit but it wasa good idea I think. Tsianina should be signed for sure.
The filler at the end of side 2 was me fucking around with noises, as I always do when I've not got enough space for a full song but too much to just leave and expect whoever's listening to have to fastforward.
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