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Like a memory it falls

Artist Song
Simon & Garfunkel  Only Living Boy in New York 
R.E.M.  Half a World Away  
10,000 Maniacs  How You've Grown  
Sarah McLachlan  Angel  
the Smiths  Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want  
Peter Gabriel  Washing of the Water  
Leonard Cohen  Famous Blue Raincoat  
Sheila Nicholls  Fallen for You  
Crosby Stills & Nash  Helplessly Hoping 
Dar Williams  If I Wrote You  
Simon & Garfunkel  Kathy's Song  
Enya  Evacuee  
Cat Stevens  Trouble  
Counting Crows  Raining in Baltimore  
John Cale  Hallelujah  
George Michael  One More Try  
Simon & Garfunkel  Song for the Asking  
Lisa Buscami  A Prayer 


I was a very sullen teenager, but for some reason I never made a lot of depression mixes. Maybe it would have been just too much. Hmmmm. Anyway, this mix (subtitled Songs of Adolescent Angst) is a collection of songs I either listened to obsessively in my younger days (S&G, REM, the Smiths) or stuff that my younger self would have liked if it had been available to me then. I'm a little more stable these days so I'll probably use it as a late-night driving mix rather than to soothe my troubled soul.


Date: 8/10/2000
I might have done a similar type of mix in my youth. Check out "I don't wanna live inside myself" by the Bee Gees (1971). Great song for a sullen mood.
Date: 11/26/2000
The Smiths are so cool.

Correct choice.

The whole Pretty in Pink
was good.