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Cassette | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Alternative - Indie Rock

snapshot of 18 yr old indie boy

Side A
Artist Song
ash  fortune teller 
pixies  broken face 
angelica   why did you let my kitten die? 
QOTSA  quick and to the pointless 
muse  plug in baby 
the eels  souljacker  
the cure  burn 
stiff little fingers  alternative ulster 
new order  crystal 
the jam  thats entertainment 
david bowie  the man who sold the world 
smiths  there is a light... 
Side B
suede  animal nitrate 
manics   we are all bourgois now (mccarthy cover) 
smashng pumpkins  bullet with butterfly wings 
joy division  love will tear us apart 
pulp   sunrise 
dandy warhols  get off 
at the drive in  cosmonaut 
sonic youth   chapel hill 
weezer   only in dreams 
jesus and marychain  just like honey 


found this tape with FEBRUARY 2002 stuck on it. no theme just randomly great songs. reminds me of driving about and singing very loudly to these songs. being alone in a car is still the best place to listen to music.contains the best cover the manics ever recorded. superb. sadly its ridiculously hard to find any mccarthy material.


Date: 7/31/2003
superb! and i am a fool for the jesus and mary chain.
Date: 8/1/2003 one can take better pictures than this
Date: 8/3/2003
I adore it.