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Music inspired by the film "A Million to Juan"

Side A
Artist Song
Terence Trent D'Arby's  Beef 'n' Cheddar Combo 
Jefferson Starship Troopers  Theme from "Facts of Life" 
Tony and The Tigers  Cornhole my Heart 
Plastic Yogi Project  Never too Late (For Always) 
Sacrilege  Profane Profanity 
Sheryl Crow Laws  Why  
Limp Bizkits and Grayvee  Southern Slam (Hold the Sausage) 
Britney Spearchuckers  Oops, I Wet Myself Again 
Stoned Alaska Pilots  Theme from "Newsies" 
Fleetwood Big Mac  One plus One is 69 
Side B
Jewish League  Never on Sabbath 
Backdoor Boys  Honeycomb Hideout 
Korn w/ Jesus Jones  Ballad of Ruth Chris 
Cult of the Bootie  Jam It Home, Bruthah 
Boutros-Boutros and the Ghalis  Home of the Giant Midget 
Sisters Sledge Hammer  Urban Jungle 
Jackson 5 Year Olds  Boys Will Be Boys 
Barenaked Children  Godspelling Bee 
Fiona Apple Dumpling Gang  Butter and Flies 
Crosby, Stills, & M*A*S*H  Ho Ho Ho 
Richard Marx Brothers  Jeremiah Jingleheimer Jones 


This is the soundtrack they should have used for the seminal comedy flick "Juan in a Million", starring Paul Rodriguez as a sensitive, plucky immigrant who falls into a wad of cash. The film dealt bravely with Juan's wish to marry well and serves as a humbling indictment of America as a land of plenty and a country of treachery. A must-see.