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CD | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Theme - Narrative
Cassette | Mixed Genre

more songs about girlfriends and bubblegum

Side A
Artist Song
the Ramones  I wanna be yr boyfriend 
the Grrrlscouts  Sheena Ramone 
The Klopecs  Alyson Hannigan 
the Proms  She's coming over 
Hot Hot Heat  Aveda 
The Queers  Punk Rock Girls 
the Buzzcocks  Ever fallen in love 
Operation Ivy  Bombshell 
Solo Project  Jenna Page 
Mr. T Experience  I just wanna do it with you 
Pixies  Alison 
Weezer  No one else 
Side B
Dead Milkmen  Punk Rock Girl 
Against Me!  I still love you julie 
The Queers  Fuck this world 
Teen Idols  Peanut Butter Girl 
Mr. T Experience  I fell for you 
Screeching Weasel  Stupid over you 
Bangs  Trainwreck 
Velvet Underground  There She Goes 
the Ramones  Judy is a Punk 
Bright Eyes  Arienette 
the Arrivals  Analee 
Bikini Kill  For Tammy Rae 


this title came from a dillinger four ep. it goes from fun pop punk songs, to songs about girls, to both.
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