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CD | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Theme - Narrative
Cassette | Mixed Genre

static and the tv sounds like raining

Side A
Artist Song
Discount  Harder to Tell 
Sleater-Kinney  I wanna be yr joey ramone 
Jawbreaker  million 
Screeching Weasel  The Science of Myth 
Selby Tigers  Queen of the Bonfire 
Dillinger Four  Are you the motherfucker with the banana? 
the Queers  Fuck the World 
Bangs  Tiger Beat 
Teen Idols  20 below 
Le Tigre  Hot Topic 
Cleveland bound death sentence  3rd floor and passed out in doorways 
Hot Hot Heat  Talk to me, dance with me 
Mr. T experience  weather is here, wish you were beautiful 
the Arrivals  Analee 
the Weakerthans  Confessions of a futon-revolutionist 
Side B
Discount  Soup 
Sleater-Kinney  stay where you are 
Jawbreaker  want 
Screeching Weasel  Thrift Store Girl 
Selby Tigers  Cutting School 
Dillinger Four  Twin Cities Sinners, United 
the Queers  Punk Rock Girls 
Bangs  He's a Groupie 
Teen Idols  She's a Poser 
Le Tigre  My My Metrocard 
Cleveland bound death sentence  Jailbird Bars 
Hot Hot Heat  Get in or Get Out 
Mr. T experience  Even Hitler had a girlfriend 
the Arrivals  Goodnight from Paris 
the Weakerthans  My favorite chords 


music to listen to on a rainy day. title comes from a discount song.
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Date: 8/4/2003
noticed this by the picture, and the mix is even better.