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Bulletproof Faces

Side A
Artist Song
David Bowie  The Motel 
David Bowie  Hello Spaceboy 
David Bowie  Battle for Britain (The Letter) 
David Bowie/Tin Machine  Sacrifice Yourself 
David Bowie  The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Simenon mix) 
David Bowie  New Killer Star 
David Bowie  Dead Man Walking (Moby mix) 
David Bowie  Shopping for girls 
David Bowie  I would be your slave 
David Bowie/Tin Machine  You belong in rock'nroll 
Side B
David Bowie  Strangers when we meet (Buddha of Suburbia) 
David Bowie  A better future 
David Bowie  Nite Flights 
David Bowie  The Mysteries 
David Bowie  5.15 Angels have gone 
David Bowie  The Dreamers 
David Bowie/Tin Machine  Amlapura (Indonesian version) 
David Bowie  Seven 
David Bowie/Tin Machine  I can't read (Acoustic version) 
David Bowie  Heathen (The Rays) 


A mix of recent, 1989'ish onwards David Bowie. First side is more intense and aggressive, second more laid back. All the alternative mixes can be found on CD singles except for "I can't read (Acoustic version)" which is on the soundtrack to the film "The Ice Storm"."The Mysteries" and "Strangers when we meet" both appear on Bowie's soundtrack to "The Buddah of Suburbia". New Killer Star is the new single, due out in September.
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Adobe Sound Lab
Date: 8/6/2003
Nice cover, nice mix, let me know if you'd like to trade.