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Embraces and Executions

Artist Song
motorhead  ace of spades 
swing kids  warsaw 
saetia  one dying wish 
cursive  gentleman caller 
bright eyes  lover i don't have to love 
fugazi  blueprint 
hot cross  lend me you're brain 
me without you  gentleman 
jesus and mary chain  reverence 
thursday  ian curtis 
poison the well  nerdy 
red roses for a blue lady  sr 241 
joy division  she's lost control again 
the faint  worked up so sexual 
boy sets fire  hometown report card 
afi  strength through wounding 
robot has werewolf hand  panic test 
elastica  stutter 
social distortion  so far away 
the misfits  halloween 
the swarm  xonourkneesx 
jr ewing  everyone else 
alexis on fire  little girls pointing and laughing 


made for my friend sandy in rochester.
songs for exactly as the title suggests.


Date: 8/9/2003

i like it