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Don't Stop Believin`

Artist Song
sebadoh  liscence to confuse 
les savy fav  who rocks the party 
hot cross  lend me your brain (i'm building an idiot) 
pretty girls make graves  sad girls por vida 
chamberlain  mountain of a heart 
the pixies   head on 
black eyes  deformative 
supermachiner  i am legend 
new order   true faith 
pet shop boys  always on my mind 
jealous sound  anxious arms 
stone roses  i wanna be adored 
the good life  some bullshit escape 
dandy warhols  bohemian like you 
jawbreaker  chemistry 
portrait  something about philadelphia 
neds atomic dustbin  talk me down 
ride   vapour trail 
joy division  she's lost control 
rem  sitting still 
rites of spring  for want of 
gary jules  mad world 


made for jordyn in chicago as payment for letting my band crash in her apartment.