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Artist Song
dandy warhols  bohemian like you 
samiam  dull 
postal service  nothing better 
stone roses  i wanna be adored 
chamberlain  try for thunder 
the good life  your birthday present 
jawbreaker  chemistry 
modest mouse  all night diner 
ride  vapour trail 
rem  perfect circle 
gameface  friday matinee 
jealous sound   anxious arms 
texas is the reason  nickel wound 
sebadoh  liscence to confuse 
new order   true faith  
cursive  the recluse 
tears for fears  head over heels 
gary jules  mad world 
jets to brazil   sweet ave 
the smiths  asleep 


made for a friend in VA 2003.


Date: 8/8/2003
you have impeccable taste and excellent titles--
what is this title sampled from? i can hear it in my head and oh, it's bothering. :)
Date: 8/9/2003
Mixing Jawbreaker with Tears For Fears. Good stuff.