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CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre

Artist Song   sample 
dandy worhols  bohemian like you 
cursive  some red handed slight of hand 
ryan adams  mega superior gold 
buffalo tom  late at night 
modest mouse  custom concern 
the good life  off the beaten path 
the weakerrthans  aside 
bright eyes  padraic my prince 
mineral  a letter 
inside  hazel 
jesus and mary chain  save me 
knapsack  skip the details 
pet shop boys  home and dry 
smashing pumpkins  mayonaise 
azure ray  november 
travis  slide show 
sinaed o`connoor  nothing compares to you 
the cranberries  i still do 
jets to brazil  sea anemone 
gary jules  mad world 


a mix i made for my car in winter/spring of 2003 to occupy my time.