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Persistance of Memory

Side A
Artist Song
ani difranco  grey 
joseph arthur  in the sun 
coldplay  the scientist 
the turtles  it ain't me, babe 
natalie merchant  jealousy 
gin blossoms  hey jealousy 
kings of convenience  days i had with you 
wilco  how to fight loneliness 
Side B
modest mouse  perfect disguise 
beatles  help! 
american football  never meant 
jawbreaker  jetblack 
pete yorn  on your side 
carole king  you've got a friend 
third eye blind  blinded 
the magnetic fields  nothing matters when we're dancing 


I made this mix for a special girl in my life. I put the tape in chronological order of my feelings this summer. Starting with: side one I know I messed up by breaking up with you, it's not me she wants, but someone else, learning to cope being without her and remembering the past, side two: I hate her and all the world, I do need her, thinking that perhaps things are better this way 'cause we were never meant, then wanting to be friends to keep her in my life. The title and coverart for this tape come from the Dali painting "persistance of memory," and I chose it because she always did like his melting clock paintings.Things have come up and I don't know if I'll ever give her the tape because it hurts too much to be her friend right now. Perhaps some day.


Hot Cocoa
Date: 8/18/2003
This mix means so much... there is so much feeling in it and the songs are so appropriate. i love the title and everything behind it. A+