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Just Another Cliche Angry Break-up Mix

Artist Song
liz phair   fuck and run 
bright eyes  haligh, haligh, a lie, haligh 
magnetic fields  i'm sorry i love you 
green day  good riddance 
brand new  jude law and the semester abroad 
finch  three simple words 
ani difranco  untouchable face 
jet set satellite  lies by the thousands 
wakefield  give me a reason 
rufus wainwright  instant pleasure 
old 97's  lonely holiday 
cursive  the martyr 
carly simon  you're so vain 
alanis morrissette  you outta know 
the cyrkle  red rubber ball 
frankie vallie  walk like a man 
the vandals   so long, farewell 


who says you have to be sad about breaking up?this is one of my least favorite mixes.