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just hear this, and then i'll go.

Artist Song
badly drawn boy  a minor incident 
emitt rhodes  lullabye 
the magnetic fields  you're my only home 
ani difranco  you had time 
the velvet underground  who loves the sun 
nick cave & the bad seeds  and no more shall we part 
the notwist  pick up the phone 
r.e.m.  you're in the air 
the foo fighters  walking after you 
nick drake  clothes of sand 
regina spektor  samson 
starsailor  way to fall 
the wallflowers  i wish i felt nothing 
l'altra  goodbye music 
elliot smith  needle in the hay 
sebadoh  careful 
jeff buckley  last goodbye 
ben folds five  missing the war 
bright eyes  it's cool, we can still be friends 
wilco  venus stop the train 


so the inspiration behind most of my other mixes has finally decided to break my heart and leave. most people say that they always "wish they had the guts" to send these breakup mixes to their ex-significant others. but i already have.

i've been reading high fidelity lately, and it's been making me feel appropriately miserable...but soon i'll get to the part where they fuck (or attempt to) in the car, and then i'll really feel shitty...


Date: 8/9/2003
gorgeous... and the title is one of my favourite lines from that song. hope things get better soon.
Date: 8/9/2003
awesome mix, so many great tracks on here... hope, your "inspiration" deserves it...