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so, you're moving to los angeles.

Side A
Artist Song
the mo-dettes  white mice 
the b52s  mesopotamia 
the girls  chico's girl 
the wee four  weird 
stephen malkmus + the jicks  alien boy 
warm gun  broken windows 
richard hell + the voidoids  down at the rock and roll club 
the scientists  frantic romantic 
adam green + ben kweller  kokomo 
the two of each  summer of our love 
the nazz  hang on paul 
petula clark  i know a place 
vivien goldman  launderette 
althea and donna  uptown top ranking 
Side B
the downliners sect  glendora 
the white stripes  candy cane children 
the satisfactions  never be happy 
vashti bunyan  where i like to stand 
bridget saint john  song to keep you company 
karen dalton  ribbon bow 
devendra banhart  marigold 
the slits  ping pong affair 
maximum joy  stretch 
the twiliters  everybody's goin to rollerland 
count five  peace of mind 
linda perhacs  hey, who really cares? 
bob dylan  moonshiner 
caetano veloso  clarice 


this is just a "happy moving!" mix for one of my close friends, who has re-located to the city of angels. no theme or anything, just some songs that i love and think would suit walking down hollywood boulevard or whatever. OH YEAH- the white stripes song totally doesn't belong, i just put it on because she requested it, & the two of each track is borrowed from one of ion's fab mixes. i also used a lot of the same tracks as i did on the last mix i posted here but whatever, it's mostly just because i'm flakey and pick temporary favorite songs. oh, whatever.


Martin Andersen
Date: 8/9/2003
Great mix all around, especially the Petula Clark pick.
Date: 8/10/2003
Another dazzling eclectic mix Miss Jane. Some songs I know, some songs I don't know -- but I'm sure it's all good. Let's hear it for Canada!
Date: 10/1/2003
Hey Laura Jane! I keep watching this site for your name. When are you going to dust off the CD burner and post another mix? BTW, did you get the bubblegum mix?
Date: 4/7/2004
greta stuff!
vivien golamn, vashti, maximum joy, petula, caetano veloso, althea & donna. G O O F S T U F F