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The Wizard of 304 Holloway Road.

Artist Song
The Tornados  Telstar 
The Honeycombs  Have I the right 
John Leyton  Johnny Remember Me 
Screaming Lord Sutch & the Savages  Jack the Ripper 
The Syndicats  What to do 
The Packabeats  Packabeat 
The Sharades  Dumb Head 
The Fabulous Flee-Rakkers  Green Jeans 
Rod Freeman & the Blue Men  Orbit around the Moon 
The Thunderbolts  Lost Planet 
Jenny Moss  Hobbies 
The Honeycombs  That's the way 
Geoff Goddard  Sky Men 
The Packabeats  The Traitors 
Gunilla Thorn  Go on then 
The Puppets  Everybody's Talking 
Paul Ritchie & the Cryin' Shames  Come on back 
Peter Jay & the Jaywalkers  Can Can '62 
Rod Freeman & the Blue Men  I hear a new world 
Mike Berry & the Outlaws  Tribute to Buddy Holly 
Gunilla Thorn  Merry-go-round 
The Honeycombs  Totem Pole 
Glenda Collins  I lost my heart at the fairground 
The Packabeats  Evening in Paris 
Rod Freeman & the Blue Men  Dribcot's Space Boat 
Heinz  You were there 
Diane & the Javelins  Heart and Soul 
The Outlaws  Ambush 
Pamela Blue  My friend Bobby 
The Tornados  Ridin' the Wind 


Yes, my little friends, this is my loving tribute to the legendary Joe Meek, the man who answers the musical question: Could there be a less stable Brian Wilson? The man whose own story ends with "before turning the gun on himself." The man who wrote Telstar, surely a candidate for the greatest instrumental of the rock and roll era. The man who inspired a thousand bizarre sounds in British beat music. The man who turned down the Beatles (or so the story goes). The man who liked Steve Howe's trousers. The man who never met a terrible organ sound he didn't like. The man who believed that reverb was a food group. The man who turned his apartment into a shit factory... er, hit factory. The man who.... oh, you get the point. Joe Meek is a legend - a legend that will last long after other legends will stop lasting; a legend that will last a lunchtime. OK, enough nonsense - I LOVE THE JOE MEEK SOUND! And make no mistake about it, kiddies - there IS a Joe Meek sound. I've tried my best to capture some of his greatest kookiest sounds, his hookiest recordings, his most ludicrous moments, his tributes to space, and more. There is a "wealth" of Meek material out there, easily enough for more volumes. I think I'll keep this to one volume, lest your little heads explode. Joe "and you will know me by the trail of reverb" Meek - my personal lord and savior.


Martin Andersen
Date: 8/9/2003
Very cool. Your record collection is a lot more extensive than mine.
Date: 8/9/2003
Joe Meek! Great, great stuff Sean. Love that Screaming Lord Sutch & the Savages track especially.
Date: 8/10/2003
Looks great Sean. To be honest,I'm pretty unfamiliar with the Joe Meeks sound, so perhaps you could add this one to the heap of hip.
Date: 8/10/2003
Awesome! I've been looking forward to this, since you mentioned it. I really have to hear this. Didn't joe Meek take a header down his apartment stairs?
Date: 8/12/2003
..and the MEEK shall inherit....good one Sean! The "Stairwell Studio"
meister brought forth for the masses, the misses, and the missus.
Date: 8/12/2003
Joe Meek, the mad genius. I've loved the Honeycombs records and of course the Tornados. Not familiar with the other stuff besides Sutch. Heard some stories about Meek over the years. Now you can google him to find out everything. Great mix Sean.
lo-fi jr.
Date: 8/12/2003
Very cool Sean. No Crawdaddy Simone or Baby I Go For You? I demand a second volume with alot more girl groups too.
Date: 8/12/2003
tremendous stuff, Sean. Can't wait to hear this. A prime candidate for mix of the week.
Rob Conroy1
Date: 8/13/2003
Yeah, I'm interested in this. I love what I know of Joe's.
Sean Lally
Date: 8/13/2003
There are tons o' stories about Joe. The confirmed death seems to be that Joe killed his landlady, shooting her and pushing her down a flight of stairs; then shot himself. On the anniversay of Buddy Holly's death, no less. Joe suffered from many mental problems (paranoia, schizophrenia), and was also gay when homosexuality was much more stigmatized than it is now. Apparently, he was in love with Heinz (originally of the Tornados), though Heinz married once or twice during the Meek heyday.
Tim Lehnerer
Date: 8/16/2003
Dang, that's a good mix. Nice to see someone else bowing at the altar of the alchemist of pop.
Date: 8/22/2003
I would LOVE to get my hands on this one!
joey de vivre
Date: 9/1/2003
Sean, I'm way ignorant of the Joe Meek sound, but if you're testifying for him then I want to hear this - let me know if we can work out a trade --
Date: 9/4/2003
i missed these last two mixes, my friend. too busy with that whole work thing - however, if you want to do a trade soon, let me know. i can think of two or ten mixes of yours i would like to hear. this one i'm sure is great!