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The Most Useful Songs: A Tribute to my Computer on It's Deathbed

Artist Song
Weezer  Tired of Sex 
Toadies  Possum Kingdom 
Built to Spill  Center of the Universe 
Pixies  Here Comes Your Man 
Flaming Lips  She Don't Use Jelly 
Modest Mouse  All Nite Diner 
Nirvana  About a Girl 
Interpol  Obstacle 2 
Camper van Beethoven  Pictures of Matchstick Men 
Dismemberment Plan  What Do You Want Me to Say 
Trail of Dead  Another Morning Stoner 
Bright Eyes  Something Vague 
Ben Kweller  Wasted and Ready 
Led Zeppelin  D'yer Ma'ker 
Pavement  Cut Your Hair 
Pedro the Lion  Rapture 
Radiohead  Karma Police 
Saves the Day  Jukebox Breakdown 
Spoon  Something to Look Forward To 
Guided by Voices  Back to the Lake 
Hot Hot Heat  Bandages 
Wilco  Can't Stand It 
Stone Temple Pilots  Interstate Love Song 
Rentals  Friends of P 


We get a new computer tomorrow and all of my zillions of mp3s are going to be sitting on my old computer upstairs with nothing to do...sure, I guess I could transfer them, but who has the energy to do that? These are the songs that found their way onto my mixes most often, usually ones I would make for friends and not even post on here. Thank you, 5 year old Dell, for expanding my musical boundaries and introducing me to a world of new music. You will be missed!


Martin Andersen
Date: 8/10/2003
Nice mix.
Fall Semester
Date: 8/10/2003
Nice. that is so good.
Date: 8/12/2003
god, it feels like i know your music collection all too well... you should try to transfer at least some of them. i know it's a pain in the ass, i'm transferring my mp3s to my laptop, but... meh, i downloaded them for a reason, i suppose.

oh yeah - i like it. :)