..all my dreams have fallen down.. [disc 1 of 2]

Artist Song
coldplay  we never change 
sunny day real estate  every shining time you arrive 
thursday  dying in new brunswick 
hot hot heat  bandages 
remy zero  save me 
jeff buckley  lover, you should've come over 
van morrison  i'll be your lover, too 
mazzy star  fade into you 
radiohead  true love waits 
semisonic  completely pleased 
guster  medicine 
coldplay  one i love 
fountains of wayne  i want you around 
ben harper  pleasure and pain 
wilco  no poetry 
tori amos  another girl's paradise 
counting crows  'round here 
polaris  everywhere 


a mix about love and pain.


Date: 7/2/2004
nice... i love this theme. the coldplay songs fit it so perfectly. so do the counting crows, well all of them really.