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One last recently added Playlist for Ping

Artist Song
Serenity  Set Sail To... (Intro)  
Serenity  New Horizons  
Serenity  The Chevalier  
Serenity  Far from Home  
Serenity  Heavenly Mission  
Serenity  Prayer (Interlude)  
Serenity  State of Siege  
Serenity  Changing Fate  
Serenity  When Canvas Starts to Burn  
Serenity  Serenade of Flames  
Serenity  Youngest of Widows  
Serenity  Below Eastern Skies (Interlude)  
Serenity  Beyond Desert Sands  
Serenity  To India's Shores  
Serenity  Lament (Interlude)  
Serenity  My Legacy  
Testament  Rise Up  
Testament  Native Blood  
Testament  Dark Roots of Earth  
Testament  True American Hate  
Testament  A Day in the Death  
Testament  Cold Embrace  
Testament  Man Kills Mankind  
Testament  Throne of Thorns  
Testament  Last Stand for Independence  
Accept  Hung, Drawn and Quartered  
Accept  Stalingrad  
Accept  Hellfire  
Accept  Flash to Bang Time  
Accept  Shadow Soldiers  
Accept  Revolution  
Accept  Against the World  
Accept  Twist of Fate  
Accept  The Quick and the Dead  
Accept  Never Forget (Bonus Track)  
Accept  The Galley  
Evanescence  Sweet Sacrifice  
Evanescence  Weight of the World  
Evanescence  Cloud Nine  
Evanescence  Snow White Queen  
Evanescence  Lacrymosa  
Evanescence  Like You  
Evanescence  Lose Control  
Evanescence  The Only One  
Evanescence  Your Star  
Evanescence  All That I'm Living for  
Evanescence  Good Enough  


My last Playlist for Ping give it a listen!