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A Bedtime Story

Side A
Artist Song
Tori Amos  The Pool 
this time, the sound  Depeche Mode 
Wet My Bed  Madonna 
Help Me I am in Hell  INXS 
A Warm Place (only t  from Natural Born Ki 
Evening Falls  Rusted Root 
The bonus track to U  Nine Inch Nails 
Planet Telex (just t  Jimi Hendrix 
A Warm Place (the en  Tori Amos 
Storms in Africa  Folk Implosion 
she can't wake the s  Shallow 
none  this is a recording 
Get Your Filthy Hand  that first sound fro 
Side B
none  this is another clip 
Waiting for the Nigh  Stone Temple Pilots 
Bedtime Story  Nine Inch Nails 
Middle Beast  Nine Inch Nails 
"I will take you hom  Enya 
Drum Trip  Tool 
Mr. Self Destruct (o  Radiohead 
And the Gods Made Lo  Nine Inch Nails 
God (Dharma Kaya Mix  Enya 
Wet Stuff my sister  here there's a recor 
Rhumba Box none  another nature clip, 
Song of Sand  Pink Floyd 


I made this a long time ago. This tape is the story of one nights sleep. The tape, through the music and all of the lyrics, show a person falling slowly asleep and going through a series of dreams. The tape is very visually stimulating. There is a nightmare, a chase dream, a flying dream, a wet dream, a lonely solitude dream, a liberating paridise dream, confusion, transcendence, angels and demons, gunshots and flying carpets. i have my interpretation of the actual events, but everyone who listens to it sees different things. i use a lot of tiny clips of things and fit them all together. sometimes i play around with volume (ex. i recorded the end of "help me i am in hell" with increasing volume so that the otherwise quiet heartbeat sound at the end is extremely loud and intruding"). at the end of the tape, you hear an alarm clock and a voice trying to wake the dreamer. i recorded the alarm and my sister's voice through a distorted guitar amp, with the reverb on high. i slowly reduced the distortion and reverb so that it seems like the dreamer is actually waking a little, and the voice eventually becomes perfectly clear, but by that time, she's given up, and the dreamer falls back to sleep. the tape essentially ends after the last little sound i used from "A Warm Place", a sound that sort of represents the dreamer waking. there is a long pause before "wake up little susie". it's sort of an afterthought, like a song during the ending credits of a movie. i have a tradition with my friends that when we listen to this tape, we play it in a car and ride over a mountain near my house and on this little ride we've mapped out that goes with the music. it's a great multimedia experience.