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Blackout 2003 World Tour

Artist Song
Broken Social Scene  Stars and Sons 
Interpol  PDA 
Queens Of The Stone Age  Go With The Flow 
The Cinema Eye  Erase This Hour 
Pretty Girls Make Graves  Sad Girls Por Vida 
Fiona Apple  Limp 
Beth Orton  Stolen Car 
Sarah Mclachlan  Sweet Surrender 
Garbage  Special 
Incubus  Stellar 
'Wierd Al' Yankovich  Gump 
Liam Lynch/Sifl & Olly  United States Of Whatever 
Bjork  Alarm Call 
Stardust  Music Sounds Better With You 
Violator Feat. Q-Tip  Virant Thing 
Outkast  Jazzy Belle 
Portishead   Roads 
Paula Cole  Me 
The Philosopher Kings  You Stepped On My Life 
Fiona Apple  Never Is A Promise 


Alright so...
I really wanted this to be titled "Lilth Fair 2003", but it wouldn't work. This list was actually compiled during the status of no power, except tracks 1-4 which is what led up to the blackout, but it all seemed to work in the end. It's also like an adventure in music rediscovery, which turned out to be one great experience, again!!! I hope to add more and turn this into my first cassette mix in over 4 years!! Also, I believe that there's some underlying feelings behind these songs, there somewhat personal and defining who I am and what I feel, especially tracks 7, 8, 17-19. It's so exciting, thank you Blackout 2003 for rejuvenating my ears once again and just being spontaneous and celestial!!
Soon, just like this mix and everything else these days, it'll just be a whisper in the wind...


Date: 8/17/2003
Beautiful mix