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Side A
Artist Song
Semisonic  Closing Time  
Semisonic  Singing In My Sleep  
Semisonic  Completely Pleased  
Nirvana  Plateau  
Nirvana  Lake of Fire  
Crystal Method  Busy Child 
Wyclef Jean  Guantanamera  
Garbage  Push It  
Garbage  If We Sleep Together 
Barenaked Ladies  Alcohol Beck 
Sang Fe'zi Blind Mel  Three Is A Magic Num 
Side B
Ben Folds Five  Eddie Walker  
Ben Folds Five  Emaline  
Ben Folds Five  Tom And Mary  
Wyclef Jean  Gone Till November  
Garbage  I'm Paranoid 
Cracker  Sweet Potato  
Sugar  Can't Help You Anymo 
U2  Lemon  
Barenaked Ladies  One Week  
Loser  Wyclef Jean 
Wyclef Jean  We Be Trying to Stay 
Offspring  Bad Habit 


I went on road trip with a bunch of my crew and tried not to make everyone mad