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Cassette | Theme

i eat the cake that says 'i can'

Side A
Artist Song
cat power  come on in my kitchen 
k's choice  breakfast 
the cranberries  wake up and smell the coffee 
sinead o'connor  black coffee 
brenda kahn  i don't sleep, i drink coffee 
garbage  cup of coffee 
ani difranco  dog coffee 
sarah harmer  black coffee 
tori amos  cornflake girl 
brenda kahn  eggs on drugs 
garbage  milk 
utah phillips  bread and roses 
tori amos   that's what i like mick (the sandwich song) 
erykah badu  apple tree 
chantal kreviazuk  green apples 
cat power  red apples 
joan osborne  poison apples 
tegan and sara  cleverly planned meals 
Side B
heavens to betsy  good food 
bonfire madigan  dishes and spons 
mia doi todd  strawberries 
tori amos  raspberry swirl 
helium  celmentine 
harry nilsson  coconut 
rufus wainwright  cigarettes and chocolate milk 
sleater-kinney  milkshake n' honey 
u2  wild honey 
heather nova  water from wine 
wild strawberries  popsicle 
ember swift  chips 
sarah mclachlan  ice cream 
utah phillips  pie in the sky 
tori amos  sugar 
ani difranco  angel food 
kristin hersh  candyland 
lois  sugar rush 
jill scott  fat back taffy 


i think the theme is pretty obvious. as usual, there are songs that made it onto this mix against my better judgement, but sometimes you must suffer for the sake of the theme.


Date: 8/19/2003
Where is that K's Choice song from? I don't recognize the title. There is WAY too much estrogen on this mix for me to get behind it, not to mention friggin' U2. Still diggin' the book-end technique, though it falls away by the end of side 2. Ah well, it's tough to maintain, methinks. Nice. Out.
Date: 8/19/2003
the k's choice song is from the album "the great subconscious club". i wasn't trying to do the bookend thing with this tape. i just associate kitchen with breakfast, which is where i started the tape, and then i was ending it with dessert.

are there specific female artists on this tape that you dislike? and out of curiosity, where does your hatred of u2 come from? too mainstream? pretentious? self-important? i have to admit that they're one of my blind spots - a band that i liked when i was 12 and just can't help but keep liking. also, when i make a themed mix, i don't download extra music just for it - i work with what i have . . . . . hence the complete lack of perfection.
Date: 8/20/2003
Lady,Lady, have done well here. Don't mind my friend Dru- he's a good one even if he doesn't dig U2. This one has a good flow to it, and truth be told I'd love to hear it. Keep 'em coming. Cheers!