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Cassette | Theme

ugly on the inside

Side A
Artist Song
meshell ndegeocello  beautiful 
eliza carthy  beautiful girl 
tori amos  beauty queen 
india.arie  beautiful 
rem  at my most beautiful 
belle and sebastian  beautiful 
hole  reasons to be beautiful 
joydrop  beautiful 
sara lee  make it beautiful 
the tragically hip  a beautiful thing 
smashing pumpkins  beautiful 
melanie doane  there is no beautiful 
ani difranco   on "pretty" 
Side B
the cranberries  pretty 
poe  hey pretty 
roy orbison  pretty woman 
brenda weiler  pretty face 
wild strawberries  pretty lip 
the cranberries  pretty eyes 
ani difranco  not a pretty girl (live) 
suture  pretty is 
juliana hatfield  ugly 
the violent femmes  ugly 
veda hille   26 years 
alix olson  cute for a girl 
ani difranco  little plastic castle 


one in a series of three themed mixes i made last summer for my sweet friend linda. the other two were food and colour.


Date: 8/19/2003
Date: 8/19/2003
This is a neat idea. Personally, I would've thrown in Age of Electric's "Ugly," Eels' "Beautiful Freak," + maybe the Northern Pikes' "She Ain't Pretty," though that last 1 is a cliche. Not that I'm knocking your choices; you just got me thinking in your direction now. I think the colour mix is a bit cooler, but this is certainly more original. Once again, great job. Out.
Date: 8/19/2003
interesting picks. whenever i finish a themed mix it usually feels woefully inadequate. and because i'm working from my exisiting collection (which may be large, but certainly is not complete) there are always perfect songs that are left off and discovered about 2 weeks later . . .
Date: 8/20/2003
I like this one too. Kudos for not going cliche and trying to include Aguileria on this one. Now time for me to check out your other mixes...
penguin in a boat
Date: 8/23/2003
Very cool.