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Cassette | Theme

don't mix the colours

Side A
Artist Song
courtney love  don't mix the colors 
tara maclean  red 
brenda kahn  she wore red 
judith edelman  something red 
bikini kill  lil red 
coldplay  yellow 
emm gryner  yellow 
throwing muses  bright yellow gun 
the cranberries  forever yellow skies 
throwing muses  green 
erykah badu  my eyes are green 
sinead o'connor  her mantle so green 
sez giulian  purple 
tori amos  purple people 
ani difranco  pale purple 
erykah badu  orange moon 
tori amos  agent orange 
counting crows  colorblind 
Side B
cat power  colors and the kids 
laura f  blue 
chantal kreviazuk  blue 
sarah mclachlan  blue 
tori amos  never seen blue 
india.arie  brown skin 
cranberries  chocolate brown 
lisa winn  brown haired angel 
ani difranco  grey 
rufus wainwright  grey gardens 
heavens to betsy  white girl 
bikini kill  white boy 
sarah mclachlan  black 
the gossip  dressed in black 
nina gordon  fade to black 
dayna manning  gold (the fire song) 
tori amos  somewhere over the rainbow 
alix olson  daughter 


things learned during the creation of this mix: my music taste has changed a great deal since i was 13, but my in ability to throw any of it away comes in any when making a 2 hour themed mix.


Date: 8/19/2003
very awesome.
Date: 8/19/2003
Any significance to the order of the colours, or is it just what sounds good? It seems you have a bit of a summer/winter thing going on, but maybe there's something more. I really dig the idea of book-ending both sides with songs that are slightly set apart from the theme (ie. no colour reference in the title.) It's a neat spin on an old trick; plus I'm a sucker for the Counting Crows. Nie work. Out.
Date: 8/19/2003
i made this mix last year, so it's not entirely fresh in my mind, but i'm pretty sure that i started organizing the colours based on some song i played on the piano when i was 8: "red and yellow and pink [sadly absent] and green. purple and orange and blue." then i have no idea why i picked the particular order of the remaining colours. i really like your idea of the summer/winter theme though.