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Cassette | Theme

you make this shitty small town feel like the world

Side A
Artist Song
ani difranco  travel tips 
kristin hersh  spain 
kaia  where in the world is greencastle indiana 
melissa ferrick  north carolina 
the gossip  arkansas heat 
sarah dougher  everywhere west 
lois  evening in paris 
be good tanyas  light enough to travel 
ember swift  lost in nanaimo 
joni mitchell  california 
rufus wainwright  barcelona 
david usher  st lawrence river 
laura f   helsinki 
brenda weiler  boston 
mary timony  california 
bonfire madigan  zamora, CA 
mary lou lord  ontario, quebec and me 
veda hille  yukon ho! 
ani difranco  this land is your land 
Side B
the tragically hip  bobcaygen 
dar williams  iowa 
hole  malibu 
liz phair  nashville 
kristin hersh  costa rica 
juliana hatfield  fellin' massachusetts 
tori amos  little amsterdam 
wild strawberries  california 
jorane  by foot from . . . 
julie ruin  a place called i won't be there 
beth lisick ordeal  seaside town 
pj harvey  a place called home 
ani difranco  every state line 
tracy chapman  fast car 
tori amos  somewhere over the rainbow 


for everyone who is too far away this summer. and especially for those suffocating in their small towns.


Date: 8/19/2003
That's a sweet Tragically hip song- 1 of the few I really adore. Good David Usher pick too. This is a really sweet mix- good inspiration + some wonderful songs to follow up on it. This kind of mix begs for some Counting Crows, but does fine without it too. Excellent work. Out.
Date: 8/19/2003
Thanks for your comments. Any particular Counting Crows? Off the top of my head I can think of "Raining in Baltimore" or "Holiday in Spain"
Date: 8/20/2003 Counting Crows suggestion would have to be using the unplugged version of "Round Here" right before "Fast Car". The cut I have in mind is on their "Live Across a Wire" CD. Give it a listen if you haven't already. But very nice stuff, again!