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CD | Theme - Break Up

book bag boogie, or: how i learned to stop worrying and cope with going back to school

Side A
Artist Song
dmx  up in here 
the smiths  heaven knows i'm miserable now 
siouxie and the banshees  christine 
smog  ambition 
the feelies  too far gone 
television personalities  sorry to embarass you 
lou reed  take a walk on the wild side 
the kinks  sunny afternoon 
harvey danger  why i'm lonely 
echo and the bunnymen  paint it black 
spoon  something to look forward to 
the stranglers  golden brown 
the doors  summer's almost gone 
devendra banhart  legless love 
roy orbison  crying 
fiona apple  paper bag 
Side B
sean paul  get busy 
white stripes  we're gonna be friends 
polaris  waiting for october 
velvet underground  sunday morning 
elo  mr. blue sky 
los straightjackets  high school confidential 
the prisoners  96 tears 
sea and cake  four corners 
melanie  brand new key 
the pretenders  brass in pocket 
bay city rollers  saturday night 
a ha  take on me 
weezer  buddy holly 
john lennon  instant karma 
supergrass  alright 
queen  we are the champions 


part therapeutic cassette, part embarassing song compilation, all solid gold.


I am DJ Tech Wizard
Date: 8/19/2003
nice transition from X to Morrisey. also that white stripes song is a great way to welcome the school year in my opinion.
Fiona Apple is super awesome!!!
Date: 8/19/2003
loooove that fiona apple song...and is that a rolling stones cover i see courtesy of echo and the b-men? faaaab :) LOVE THAT ELO TUNE of my favourites...I think I just spazzed over your mix. nice job.
Date: 8/19/2003
that prisoners version of 96 tears is good. hell, any version of 96 tears is good.
also : GET BUSY, yeah!
Date: 8/20/2003
You have some great variety going on here, and still you manage to keep the right feel (instead of the 'little bit of everything' mixes that don't work, yet pop up all too often). Wow, almost makes me wish i was still in school so I could listen to this on my way back...almost.
kelsey q
Date: 10/1/2003
aha - the only way to roll back into school in fashion. dig the melanie and sean paul, too...excellent taste in embarassment