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repeat offenders

Artist Song
pocket dwellers  shine 
the roots  seed v 2.0 
sleater-kinney  words & guitar 
the rondelles  revenge! 
sarah dougher  to the limit 
tanya donelly  keeping you 
b-52s  52 girls 
the gossip  dont (make waves) 
some girls  necessito 
c.o.c.o.  more on 
yeah yeah yeahs  bang! 
the moto-litas  cheated 
tsunami  the match 
kathleen hanna  stepping up to the mic 
johnny cash  hurt 
kinnie starr  amazed 
the gossip  lesson learned 
rilo kiley  paint's peeling 
curtis mayfield  i'm your pusher 
go sailor  i'm still crying 
the chubbies  good girls don't (but i do) 
pretty girls make graves  the getaway 
tegan and sara  some money 
ann peebles  i can't stand the rain 
mecca normal  throw silver 


mix for my friend's (belated) birthday. title comes from the fact that i made it at the last minute from songs i had on my computer that have been on a lot of my mixes recently. however, i ended up really liking the way it flows and sounds. and i hope she does too.


p the swede
Date: 8/23/2003
love your Johnny cash and Ann Peebles picks