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White Nights (Soundtrack)

Artist Song
Thomas Newman  Route 12  
Thomas Newman  Picture Window  
Natalie Walker  Quicksand (Thievery Corporation Remix)  
Thomas Newman  The Bright Young Man  
Thomas Newman  Hopeless Emptiness  
Coldplay  Moving to Mars  
Keane  A Bad Dream  
Thomas Newman  Tropopause  
Thomas Newman  The Infinite Descent  
Beck  Nobody's Fault But My Own  
David Archuleta  Beautiful  
Thomas Newman  Simple Clean Lines  
Clark  Pleen 1930'S  
Hrsta  Tomorrow Winter Comes  
Thomas Newman  Revolutionary Road  
UNKLE  Heaven (feat. Gavin Clark)  


Its the mid-1970s, Michael, a med student with the Mormon faith, politically powerful and conservative parents and a years-long repressed sexuality is inspired by the rise of Harvey Milk and battles it all to become his own, risk life, love, family and security to do so but by the 1980s falls victim to the AIDS crisis and finds solace in an unlikely woman entrusted to his care in his final days. Facing certain death, Michael seeks the mental confidence to meet death on his terms and not in the fear he was made to feel all his life.