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Ambient Spaceflight

Artist Song
Vangelis  Tears In Rain  
Kitaro  Free Flight  
Vangelis & Irene Papas  Neranzoula  
Thomas de Hartmann  The Great Prayer  
Michael Stearns  In the Beginning  
Michael Stearns  Life In the Gravity Well  
Michael Stearns  As the Earth Kissed the Moon  
Deuter  Haleakala Mystery  
Paul Lloyd Warner & Steven Kindler  Prisms  
David Darling  Cycle Song  
Jonn Serrie  Thousand Star  
Jonn Serrie  Flow of Time's Arrow  
Jonn Serrie  Belle ?poque 3012  
Jonn Serrie  The Visionary  
Jonn Serrie  Course Projection on Tactical  
Michael Stearns  Encounter  
Michael Stearns  Craft  
Michael Stearns  The Beacon  
Michael Stearns  On the Way  
Michael Stearns  Dimensional Shift  
Michael Stearns  Within  
Michael Stearns  Distant Thunder  
Michael Stearns  Alien Shore  
Michael Stearns  Procession  
Michael Stearns  Star Dreams  
Vangelis  La petite fille de la mer  


Relax to three and a half hours of space music about space. Note, I had to remove three pretty good tracks from this list because of the ridiculous "album only restrictions" which makes it impossible to otherwise create a playlist that people can easily purchase. If you really want them, best manually purchase Best of Hearts and Space: First Flight, and Encounter manually. Then purchase the other tracks. To increase the length of the playlist, Brian Enos Apollo would be a wise choice.


Date: 11/2/2012
this looks amazing. loved hearts of space back in the day