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Dance With the Devil in Beat with the Band

Artist Song
act I:  American Prayer 
The Doors  An American Prayer 
The Doors  An Hour For Magic 
The Doors  Freedom Exists 
The Doors  A Feast of Friends 
act II:  What Shall We Do? 
Queen  Lily Of The Valley 
Pink Floyd  What Shall We Do 
Pink Floyd  One Of My Turns 
David Bowie  Starman 
David Bowie  Star 
act III:  Not To Touch The Earth 
The Doors  The Celebration of the Lizard 
act IV:  intermission 
Pink Floyd  The Trial 
act V:  Side Black 
Queen  Ogre Battle 
Queen  The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke 
Queen  Nevermore 
Queen  March of the Black Queen 
Queen   Funny How Love Is 
Queen  Seven Seas Of Rhye 
act VI:  the end 
David Bowie  Rock N Roll Suicide 
The Doors  The End 


a musical drama in 6 acts. pretentious poetic arty-rock, just the way i like it.


Some Other Guy
Date: 8/28/2003
Cool idea and mix. I'll have to trade you for this once i get more blank CDR's =)