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leave me be! i'm eating my baked potatoe...

Artist Song
phil collins  don't lose my number 
talking heads  once in a lifetime 
van halen  hot for teacher 
clash  lost in the supermarket 
weezer  buddy holly 
blur  there's no other way 
boston  peace of mind 
billy joel  we didn't start the fire 
blondie  one way or another 
duran duran  is there something i should know? 
genesis  invisible touch 
ataris  teenage riot 
chemical brothers  let forever be 
clash  i'm so bored with the u.s.a. 
radiohead  i can't 


here's another random waking up mix i made cause sometimes i just can't get out of bed (more often than not). i know the ataris didn't do teenage riot so if anyone knows who did kindly enlighten me. TA!


janie jones
Date: 8/28/2003
teenage riot - sonic youth